With the leadership of the village president/ward counselor, 20 willing persons were identified and formed as a community based disaster risk management committee. Thirty committees were formed with the membership of 600 members and they are meet once in a month. With the aim of to reduce the risk of the rural artisans and vulnerable areas.

Insurance were initiated by CPE as both accidental and life policies. CPE initiated the life Insurance Policy with the partnership of Life Insurance, NEW INDIA Insurance Company of India. In this regards persons enrolled and continued in the GEEVAN – Mangal Scheme.

  • To sustain the Rural Artisans as an Entrepreneur, three Bankers were linked with the farmer’s club/SHGs as for economical assistance.
  • To sustain the rural artisans as entrepreneurs 129 SHGs were given as loan for viable income generation activities. The sum of Rs. 2,93,1500   as loan. So they are economically Empowered.

Indicators of Achievements
1Number of Disaster Groups formed30
2Number of members in Task Force Comittee600
3 No of Task Force committee have prepared their village Risk profile30
4Disaster Risk Reduction Plan available in 30 panchayat30
515 ponds were de silted with the effort of TFC through resolution made in panchayet board meeting.15
6300 community people and 150 school going children’s were trained up in fire service mock drill Programme450
7Task Force C ommittee in 15 panchayet of were taken effort to get additional Drinking water facilities.15
8Personnel Accident policy is covered with 400 members. So their risk transferred.400
9No of insurance products promoted2
10No of members enrolled in LIC165
11No of members Renewal in LIC
12Number of groups got loan from ICICI129
13Loan Amounts received from ICICI2,93,18500