Capacity  Building and Insurance awareness meeting to Self-help Group members

Capacity Building and Insurance awareness meeting to Self-help Group members

With the aim of to address the climate change and reducing the risk among the rural artisans and promoting the livelihood options, CPE initiating the “Climate change Responses, Vulnerability and Risk Reduction, and Viable livelihood Options” project with the financial support of EED Germany and the financial support of PWDS/DATA.

In this regards 45 farmers clubs were initiated with the membership of 790 farmers in Keezhapavoor and Kadayam blocks of Tirunelveli District. One community Resource person was appointed for each farmers clubs with in their geographical area.

 Sustainable Development:

Among these 45 farmers clubs adapting the fertilizers management with the aim of sustainable Agriculture practices to response with climate change. Now a days the farmers get more knowledge about the govt department (Agriculture, Horticulture, NABARD, Banking and Animal Husbandry etc) subsidy schemes in Agriculture. Because of the saving practice among the Farmers club members, So they are economically empowered.

45 Farmers clubs opened their bank accounts in their respective banks. With the financial support of NABARD the farmer’s clubs were given the orientation trainings, Capacity building, CRP training for sustainable development. 

1Number of Farmers Club formed45
2Number of members in Farmers Club790
3Number of Clubs opened bank Account45
4No of Community Resource Persons identified/ trained45
5Adopted the SA practices150
6Using organic pest control45
7Farmers Received From Government subsidy142
8Farmer’s club members saved an amount ofRs.1,70000
9Adopting the Fertilizer management in Sustainable agriculture practices to response with climate change82
10Adopted mixed and intercrop cultivation65
11Doing kitchen garden cultivation95
12Conducted the vetnary camp by farmers club members to benefited above 300 milk animals.300