PLHIV support group MeetinPLHIV support group Meetingg

With the aim of to sustain the exiting PLHIV support groups in the Nanguneri, Cherenmahadevi, Keezhapavoor and Shenkottach blocks of Tirunelveli district, the support group leaders were facilitated to took over the staff role.

Community resources were tapped in the way of errection of Hundisin the hotels, shopping complexes and liked the schools in to the Support groups and initiation of friends of PLHIV forums for continued community support to the PLHIV support groups.

The block/taluk level government officials were invited to participate in the PLHIV support groups and the block/zonal level conventions. These activities were used as the advocacy sessions, the PLHIV representatives advocate to the needy PLHIV to get widow pension, cluster houses and the Ulavar Pathukappu thittam.

Indicators of Achievements:

1Number of PLHIV Identified22
2PLHIV under HBC257
3PLHIV Registered with ART Centre251
4Number of Support groups12
6Number of Block coordination4
8Number of Hundis Placed8
9Number of Positive Speakers66
10Number of STI Referred573
11Number of STI Treated397
12Number of Cured295
13Number of partners treated243
14ICTC Referral622
15Number of friends forums21
17Number of friends forum meetings54
18Number of Widows66
19Number of widows getting pension35
20Number of cluster houses6